Impediments to Critical Thinking


For each of the impediments to critical thinking in chapter one of Nosich, do the following, on separate paper, which should go in your thinking journal:

1. Briefly explain what the impediment is and why it is a problem.

2. Rank how much this impediment is a problem for you on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being “not much of an impediment” and 5 being “a very big impediment.”

3. Give a specific example or two of how this particular item is (or is not) an impediment for you.

4. Think of specific ways you could help make this less of an impediment, especially for the ones that are bigger impediments to your critical thinking.



Impediments to Critical Thinking (16)

A. Forming a Picture of the World on the Basis of the News (17)

B.  Forming a Picture of the World on the Basis of Movies, TV, Advertising, Magazines (19)

C. All-or-Nothing Thinking (Black-and-White Thinking), Us-Versus-Them Thinking, Stereotyping (20)

D. Fears (20)

E. Some Educational Practices Discourage Critical Thinking (21)



Deeper, More Pervasive Impediments to Critical Thinking (21)

F. Egocentrism (22)

G. Developmental Patterns of Thinking (23)

H. Previous Commitments, Previous Personal Experience (24)