Alternative Energy Activity

CRTW 201

Dr. Fike


Watch the video on the "scout mindset" before you come to class today.

Honors students: You will need a blue book today; you should do the entirety of this exercise in your blue book. Write only with a blue or black ballpoint pen. Write only on once side of the page in your blue book. Underline the names of the elements.

Non-honors students: You will need to write in your notebooks.

PURPOSE: Today's exercise is designed to get you to work on your own and in groups (honors students: write your answers in a blue book) to think about conflicting statements in terms of a number of the critical thinking standards: accuracy, importance/relevance, and sufficiency. An alternative purpose is to get you to experience what it feels like to have your "filter bubble" activate. You will need your gizmos today, so get them out please. Switch off the sound on your phones.



STEP ONE (5 minutes): Write down your personal beliefs about UFOs, ETs, and space travel to other star systems within our galaxy. Do you think that ETs are visiting Earth? Do you think that there is a way to transcend the speed limit known as the speed of light?

STEP TWO (15 minutes): Find, read, and mark Nosich's statements about UFOs and space travel on pages 19, 24, and 114-15. Then apply the 10 elements to his statements. Then apply the standards of accuracy and sufficiency. Here's the basic question: Do you think that he knows what he is talking about?

STEP THREE (20 minutes): Watch the followin videos:

  1. Fox News:

  2. Navy pilot:

  3. Moon base:

  4. CE-5:

  5. Lecture:

STEP FOUR (20 minutes): Now do the following things: 1) Use your gizmo to look up "CE-5" (close encounter of the fifth kind);  the speaker, Steven M. Greer, M.D.; and his Web site, 2) Apply the 10 elements to the fifth video. 3) Apply the standards, especially accuracy, importance/relevance, and sufficiency to your analysis. Here's the basic question: Do you have enough information to pass judgment?

STEP FIVE (5 minutes): You should have established by this stage that Nosich and Greer contradict each other. What do you do with that contradiction? The two men cannot both be 100% accurate, so how can you use your critical thinking to resolve the conflict? Where does your "scout mindset" lead you? How, for example, does it help you understand what you saw in the fourth video that you watched in class?



STEP SIX (final 5 minutes): In small groups (honors students: in your  blue book), use the questions below to share what you wrote with your classmates. I will ask for the highlights of your discussion at the beginning of our next class.


Resource:; if that does not work, Google Peer English, click issue 10 (2015), and click on the link to your professor's article.