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Welcome to my page.  I am an archaeologist/ forensic anthropologist at Winthrop University in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Research Interests

Historical Archaeology, African American Biohistory, African Diaspora Studies, Mortuary Archaeology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic anthropology (Skeletal Remains Donation)


African American Cemetery Survey

I ask for the public's help in locating and protecting South Carolina's Enslaved African and African American cemeteries. I am eager to hear from people with knowledge of remote, at-risk cemeteries that include but are not limited to burial grounds that are vulnerable to vandalism, development, or threat of just being forgotten.  Please fill out the survey form found at the link below with as much information as you can and return it to Ms Christina Brooks.

African American Cemetery Survey Form

Please submit forms by mail to:

Christina Brooks

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

701 Oakland Ave

Rock Hill, SC 29733

or scan and submit via email to


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**Events and Happenings**


SC Anthropology Student Conference

April 21, 2013

Hosted at Winthrop University


South Carolina                       Anthropology

                                         Student Conference

                                         2013 Call for Papers



The organizers of the South Carolina Anthropology Student Conference (SCASC) are soliciting abstracts for papers and posters to be presented at SCASC 2013, Sunday, April 21st, on the Winthrop University campus.  Students from academic institutions across the state of South Carolina are invited to submit abstracts, as well as students from outside the state doing research on South Carolina.


This conference will feature student presenters at both the undergraduate and graduate level and will provide a friendly forum for presenting a conference paper or academic poster, with constructive feedback from fellow students and professors.   


Papers and posters should employ an anthropological perspective. Students need not be in a department of anthropology (since not all colleges and universities in the state have such departments), but a student submitting an abstract needs to have been mentored in the ethics, concepts, and methods of anthropology by an advisor for the project. Research is welcomed from all the subfields of anthropology -- cultural, linguistic, and biological anthropology, and archaeology.  Oral history projects are welcomed, since they definitely fit within the scope of this conference. Since the conference will be at the end of the spring term, it will be a good opportunity to share course-related individual or collaborative research projects, as well as the results of longer-term thesis projects. This is a good venue for presenting work that students plan to go on and present in national and international conferences, as well.


Abstracts should be 250 words or less. The abstract needs to have a title, followed by either (paper) or (poster) to indicate the student’s preferred format for presentation. A student may submit one abstract for the conference. The student’s name, contact information, and affiliation should be included at the bottom of the page, along with the faculty advisor’s name and contact information. The advisor needs to review the abstract before it is sent.  Please e-mail abstracts to Claudia Carriere at with “SCASC 2013 abstract” in the subject line.  Abstracts must be received by 5PM on Friday, March 29th, in order to be considered for the SCASC 2013 program.


There is a $5 registration fee, which is to be paid on-site, the morning of the conference. All presenters must register for the conference; students who are not presenting may register to attend, or may attend a morning or afternoon session without registering to get a sense of what a professional student conference is like.


Questions about the conference may be directed to Claudia Carriere ( in the Department of Anthropology, University of South Carolina – Columbia, at 803-777-6500. We look forward to seeing you at SCASC 2013 at Winthrop University!




**Anthropology News and Things of Interest**

Slave Burial Ground Excavated on St Helena

Uncovered graves create legal issues in Lancaster County, PA

Floods Unleash Wave of Gravesite Lootings

University Forensics Team Looking for Graves

Largest Slave Cemetery in the World?



Skeletal Remains Donation

The department of Sociology and Anthropology is accepting donations of skeletal remains as we begin building a dynamic skeletal collection for Winthrop's students and researchers.  Donated remains provide an unique osteological teaching opportunity for students and researchers at Winthrop and the surrounding community. We are currently accepting human skeletal remains from coroner's offices, medical examiner's offices, forensic pathology laboratories, colleges and universities, etc.  We are also accepting donations of animal skeletal remains.  For more information or to donate skeletal remains, please contact Christina Brooks at 803-323-4655 or